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Leave a great review

Leave a great review

When creating a review on, it’s important to follow some important steps to creating a good quality review, to ensure your comments are as helpful as possible to readers and so not to be rejected. Write as much as you can without straying off the point and leave applicable photos if you have them. It’s important other users get something out of it and aren’t misled. Following is a guide as to how best, to go about it.

  • Be honest, but constructive: A good review should not put others or their opinions down. After all, there isn’t such thing as an ‘incorrect review’. It’s important to write from a constructive angle. Instead of saying “this item sucks, it failed on the first ride and upon a warranty replacement, the same thing happened”, tell the reader what about it failed and what would make it a better product like this: “this item cracked at the top weld and upon warranty replacement, the same thing happened again. It would be much better if they adjusted the angle to release pressure”. This way, the customer knows the reason for the negative review and can value your opinion.

    Perfect example:
    Pros: Durable, Rugged
    Cons: Poor Fit, Un-adjustable, Unattractive

    I thought these seemed like a great, innovative gloves, and they were cheaper here than at my local bike shop, but after a couple of days of below freezing temps, I reverted back to my $5 thinsulate fleece gloves. I would definitely get these a size larger than normal, as the stitching in the fingers is quite uncomfortable, and there is a major problem with the gusseting between the thumb and palm. Meaning that you can't really open your hand all the way because of the cut of the glove. Also they were only really warm with the mitten part pulled down. Great idea, poor execution." 3 stars overall
  • Specific: Details are good, so make sure you get into a little bit of detail. Point out the features you think are good and if possible, why. Likewise, if you think a feature is poorly designed or has a problem with it, be sure to say why you think this. “the zip on this jacket is just so wrong” isn’t very helpful. Instead, mention why this is and potentially what could be bettered by the manufacturer next time. “the zip on this jacket is not double stitched and so easily comes apart from the jacket material” would be very useful.

    Perfect example:
    Pros: Attractive, High Quality, Lightweight, Versatile
    Cons: Expensive

    "New bike required new computer, so I took the plunge and forked out just over £100 for this and I am blown away by how user friendly and comprehensive this is. I wouldn't be without the cadence sensor as it gives another focus to my riding. The range on the heart sensor is far better than on my old cheapy (signal was lost if I sat too upright!) and the ideal training zone is a useful tool for fitness training. Highly recommended." 5 stars overall
  • Unbiased: Not every item you buy will suit you perfectly. Remember though, just because it isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t mean it isn’t somebody else’s. Try and write about the product from an unbiased point-of-view. If you don’t like the colour of an item, say “the colour doesn’t really suit me” instead of “what an awful colour”.

    Perfect example:
    Pros: Comfortable, Durable, High Quality

    "Whereas the material and quality is good, I should have chosen one or two size down. Perfect fit for long fun ride during late autumn to early spring, but I find it a little too baggy around the waist. But still acceptable considering the price. This is a good buy, if you get the right size!"
    4 stars overall
  • Balanced: A good review should point out the good points and the bad in a product. Occasionally you will be so utterly delighted in a product, you will leave it top marks, but you must write about why. Other shoppers find it useful to know why you think something is so great. Otherwise, it will be deemed by the reader to be an invaluable review. Likewise, it’s rare a product has no good points whatsoever, so even with your frustration and will to leave an all negative comment, remember to explain accurately why you are unhappy with the item and if at all possible, complement the review with any features that are good.

    Perfect example:

    Pros: Adjustable, Attractive, Great Value, High Quality, Lightweight

    "When I received this helmet I was very happy with the look of it. The camo effect looked great and stylish yet not in your face and overly dramatic, after all its not for fashion, it’s for riding. Was very easy to adjust. It’s nice and light and stays firm on your head so when it gets bumpy it doesn’t wobble about. I at first found it uncomfortable around my ears when i was wearing it with sunglasses as it dug the sunglasses
    into the side of my head a bit, after a bit of adjusting however this problem no longer existed." 4 stars overall
  • Congruous: All that this fancy word means is that the comments you make in a review should match the rating attached to it. Ratings should be based on the quantity and importance of suggestions (i.e. typos are rather minor, whereas product suggestions are a more major issue). If you say an item is “perfect,” but then leave a rating of 3, you will have very confused shoppers. Even a rating of 4 with no suggestions will leave other shoppers asking, “why not a 5?”. By the same token, if you leave a ton of suggestions, don’t give a 5. Five stars should only be given to items that are “perfect”, in your opinion, or “near perfect,” with only minor changes to be made. If you cannot leave a specific suggestion or at least a reason why the product is not five-star worthy in your mind (i.e. a jersey faded in the wash, jockey wheels came prematurely loose etc.), then a 5 should probably be given.

    Perfect example:
    Pro Tool Kit
    Pros: Great Value, Versatile

"Decided I wanted to start tinkering around with bikes myself and become less dependent on the bike shops. As I have three bikes and three between my kids this tool kit has become extremely useful. A very reasonable price considering how much it cost to service your bike." 5 stars overall

Avoid your review being rejected: Above all else, ensure your review isn’t rejected by avoiding the following things:

- Don’t swear

- Don’t mention competitors

- Don’t mention the price; this may change

- Don’t review our service; focus on the product, our service can be reviewed later

Leaving a review on is beneficial to other shoppers out there, but most of all, it’s going to improve products for you. This is an ideal forum to get your feelings of manufacturers’ products out there with your recommendations as to how they can be improved, manufacturers find these comments most useful. Remember, above all else, no plagiarism. Your review is ‘your’ review and should not be copied from anywhere else.

Leave a great video review

Leave a great video review

When writing a product review, you have the option to ad a video to your review. This is simply done, so long as you have video recording capabilities on your mobile phone or digital camera or even have a proper video camera.

There are a myriad of tips we could give you in terms of lighting, ranges, lens/filter options, but this guide is to advise how to get your message across to the buying public who find video reviews incredibly helpful, not to baffle you with the technicalities of film making.

  • Relation

    Before adding your video review, you will most probably have written a basic accompanying review.Use the video to confirm, highlight and annotate your written review.Don’t issue a video review that contradicts your written review, or else the viewer will become confused and find your review of little help.

  • Quality

    You don’t need a high cost video camera to make a good quality video. Make sure there is plenty of light where you are shooting the video. If inside, bear in mind the camera can’t see as well as you can. Therefore, turn on all the lights to make it as bright as possible.

    Try not to shoot video directly into light. For example, if you’re shooting video outside, try and have the sun behind you to avoid shadows and avoid the film being blinded by light.If taking close up footage, set your camera to the correct settings as blurry footage often makes it hard to watchIf filming really close, try using your camera’s “macro” mode.It often appears as a small flower on, or next to a button.

  • Demonstrate

    Viewers usually want to see the item in action. Try setting up the camera so you can model your new waterproof in front of it.Pointing out all the features you think are neat or what you feel lets the item down.Remember to stick to reviewing the product you bought and not stray onto other items you’ve recently bought.
    Feel free to narrate your video.Most viewers can hear sound through their computers so talk about the product as you model it.

  • Avoid

    Remember, this is your review so don’t use somebody else’s.The viewer may become confused if after your written review, a video is attached which makes little correspondence to the written subject.

  • How to win a video review competition

    Wiggle often run competitions with prizes awarded to the best video reviews posted.We look for videos that stand out by clearly showing the product in question and the quality of review.If you make a little extra effort, it really stands out.

Perfect examples:

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